Tromp Bakery Equipment offers Laminators and Make-Up Lines for a wide range of Pastry products. All our Laminators and Make-Up Lines are designed according the highest HACCP / USDA standards. The equipment, conveyors and tools are easy to dismount (without tools) and made of high quality stainless steel. All controls are computerized and operated by means of one or more Touch Screen Control Panels.



chocoladebroodje chocoladebroodje chocoladebroodje

The Make-Up Lines for Danish Pastry contain a wide range of tools and parts like cutters, rollers, strewers, depositors and other equipment in order to produce the required Danish pastry product



croissant croissant croissant

The Tromp Croissant machines come in different configurations: from high capacity machines to feed a spiral freezer up to high precision machines meticulously moulding the dough triangle into a perfect croissant. All machines function in combination with a full size Laminator. 

Puff Pastry

appelflap broodje kaasbroodje frikadelbroodje kroketbroodje sausijsbroodje tompouce

Tromp Puff Pastry production lines can handle a wide range of different percentage of fatty substance and nearly any desired number of layers. Topping, sprinkling, injection of fillings as well as rolling, folding and pressing is available on all lines.


Extreme high speeds are realized on our lines for the production of crackers. Any dimension and weight is possible and the weight accuracy is unmatchable (Knäckebröd). This is achieved by extruding a continuous dough which can be provided with decoration patterns and sprinkles. The product is then left on rising belts moving to an oven to be baked.


rozijnbroodje brood kaasstengel  kaasstengel kaasstengel

Puff pastry and also yeast dough can be twisted on our production lines. Decoration before or after or twisting different colours of dough is of course possible to achieve a fine and distinctive finished product. You come up with the idea and we develop the appropriate production line.

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